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Ugen Sie sich Emily glaubt, der ProSiebenSat. 1 stream german stream, Duell um Julia Prokopy, Viola im Zoo: Die eigentliche Risiko.

Zoey 101 Lola

Read Lola Martinez from the story Zoey - das letzte Schuljahr by christiane_wte with reads. ff, nickelodeon, pca. Lola Martinez ist erst ein Jahr nach. Zoey und Lola ist das ein bisschen zu extrem. Aber einfach hinauswerfen können sie Lola ja nicht. Auch Michael und Chase haben Ärger mit ihrem Mitbewohner. Zoey war eine Sendung in den er Jahren, die wir alle geliebt haben, aber was Damit hat sie Zoey und ihre Freunde ziemlich reingelegt, da Lola ihr​.

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Lola und Chase: Zoeys Zimmergenossin Lola bekommt von Chase Nachhilfestunden und verliebt sich dabei in ihn. Damit bringt sie Zoey ganz schön in . Das neue Schuljahr: Nach den Ferien bekommen Zoey und Nicole eine neue Mitbewohnerin: Gothic-Girl Lola hat eine Vorliebe für Geisterbeschwörungen. Lola und Chase ist die achte Episode der zweiten Staffel von Zoey In der Folge haben Lola und. Read Lola Martinez from the story Zoey - das letzte Schuljahr by christiane_wte with reads. ff, nickelodeon, pca. Lola Martinez ist erst ein Jahr nach. Zoey war eine Sendung in den er Jahren, die wir alle geliebt haben, aber was Damit hat sie Zoey und ihre Freunde ziemlich reingelegt, da Lola ihr​. Die US-Serie Zoey drehte sich um eine Gruppe von Schülerinnen, die in der Nähe des kalifornischen Malibu auf eine bis dato Victoria Justice als Lola. - Erkunde Alinas Pinnwand „Zoey “ auf Pinterest. Victoria Justice starred on Nickelodeon's "Zoey " as Lola Martinez from

Zoey 101 Lola

Read Lola Martinez from the story Zoey - das letzte Schuljahr by christiane_wte with reads. ff, nickelodeon, pca. Lola Martinez ist erst ein Jahr nach. - Erkunde Alinas Pinnwand „Zoey “ auf Pinterest. Victoria Justice starred on Nickelodeon's "Zoey " as Lola Martinez from Victoria Justice starred on Nickelodeon's "Zoey " as Lola Martinez from ​ She now stars on the Nick show "Victorious". I miss this. Seid Zoey hatte der junge Schauspieler eine künstlerische Pause eingelegt, aber ab dem Jahr spielte er in vereinzelten Filmen und Serien kleine Rollen wie z. Obwohl er meistens vom Mutterinstinkt von Zoey genervt war, hatte er sie Otto Tv lieb und verbrachte immer Alexandra Daddari Zeit mit ihr! Ein Beitrag geteilt von Zoey zoeyspain am Peter Paige Chase konnte ihm immer vertrauen und bat ihn oft um Rat wegen Zoey. Ein Beitrag geteilt Vurbmoto Matthew Underwood mattunderwood am Victoria Justice starred on Nickelodeon's "Zoey " as Lola Martinez from ​ She now stars on the Nick show "Victorious". I miss this. Zoey und Lola ist das ein bisschen zu extrem. Aber einfach hinauswerfen können sie Lola ja nicht. Auch Michael und Chase haben Ärger mit ihrem Mitbewohner.

When the time comes for class elections, Zoey and Chase nominate one another for class president. While at lunch, the three girls struggle over a piece of chocolate cake before Quinn shows that Zoey and Chase are essentially tied in the race.

After lunch, the girls find Logan is giving away free smoothies to bolster support for Chase, causing tension between the guys and the girls.

When the girls check the votes again, Quinn draws their attention to a slanderous commercial against Chase, seemingly made by Zoey, turning everyone against her.

Soon afterwards, Chase comes forward and admits he made the commercial before dropping out of the race, Zoey following suit. In the lounge afterwards, everyone watches Mark's acceptance speech.

Lola is absent in this episode. There is a possibility that she didn't go to the haunted house party owing to her fear of people in costumes, as revealed in Zoey's Balloon.

After Logan and Michael are sprayed by a skunk, they drink several cans of tomato juice to try and remove the smell.

When Lola comes to their dorm to borrow something, she informs them that they were supposed to bathe in the juice.

Lola later plays a game of foosball against Zoey only for Chase to interrupt the game and take away the "foosball ball", needing to talk to Zoey.

Once Zoey had ended the relationship between Dustin and Trisha , the girls had a study session where Lola alarmingly noted Quinn's sleeve was disintegrating as a result of her skunk repellant.

Quinn then informed the girls that she had sprayed Logan and Michael from head to toe leaving the four to realize that the two are naked somewhere on campus.

When Nicole's attraction to boys begins interfering with her studying, Lola and Quinn hypnotize her to make her see every hot boy as her grandfather making her unable to even look at them, let alone get distracted.

As a result of their own roof being unsuitable for sun-tanning, Lola, Zoey, and Nicole use the guys' dorm only for Micheal and Logan to have them removed, claiming that the guys need a spot to just "be guys" away from girls.

After an unsuccessful tanning session on their own roof, the girls dress Lola up as "Steve" to see if guys really do act differently without girls around.

Though Lola manages to fool everyone, her disguise comes apart when forced into the pool. Once the girls explain everything, they are allowed back on the boys' roof where everyone questions where Quinn is.

When the Science Club challenges the gang to a robot battle, Lola sketches a robot plan based off their suggestions, having Quinn build it.

When Logan makes a joke at Quinn's expense however, she stops building the robot. Instead, the six recruit Miles Brody to finish building it only for their robot to lose.

Lola remembers however that the rules prohibit any robot from being over 36 inches tall, with the Dean of Science confirming that the claw modification is illegal entitling the gang to a rematch.

Quinn then arrives, hurt but wanting revenge on the Science Club, with a robot that easily defeats the Science Club's. Later that evening, the whole gang goes to apologize to Quinn.

After being informed that she's failing biology, Lola has Chase tutor her in exchange for a pie where he manages to have her treat the subject like an acting role, allowing her to quickly pick up the material.

As a result, Lola develops a crush on Chase asking him out once Zoey says it's alright. Meeting up in the girl's lounge, Lola attempts to snuggle up with Chase only for him to begin playing a Would You Rather, which Lola finds stupid.

When it becomes clear to Lola that Chase has no romantic attachments towards her, she amicably ends the date, figuring out he loves someone else and encouraging him to chase her.

When they arrive, they learn that Malcolm Reese is testing out his new reality show, " Gender Defenders ", for which they will be the initial participants.

At breakfast the next morning, Lola points out that blueberries are, despite the name, purple before Quinn demands to know who drank her "Frazz", which they realize was Dustin, prompting a search for him.

The day's challenge is a scavenger hunt which the girls lose, despite finding all the clues first, on account of Chase having Zoey's Tek-Mate.

The next day's challenge is a makeover with Lola's eye for fashion scoring the girls their first win. The final challenge is a duel between Chase and Zoey with the other team members spraying the opposing captain with water with the girls emerging victorious, thus winning the competition.

At dinner, Malcolm Reese reveals the whole competition was filmed and that they will all be on television. Once Spring Break ends, the gang watches the pilot in the lounge where Dustin finally crashes from his Frazz high with Lola taking a dramatic bow at her on-screen introduction.

Auctioning herself off alongside Zoey and Nicole, Lola's services are bought by Logan who has all three girls become his personal cheerleaders for the next week, cheering for his lunch and tanning.

Lola is present at Sushi Rox's reopening, acting as a photographer. When Quinn becomes depressed as a result of her alpaca Otis 's depression, Zoey, Lola, and Nicole throw her an "Alpaca Party", Lola acquiring an alpaca cake, only to make their friend even sadder.

In the interim, Lola attempts to trick Logan into saying his last name to end the guys' "No S" bet only for Logan to figure it out.

When they find Quinn has not been assigned a room, Zoey and Lola are guilted into sharing their room with her, Lola reluctantly giving up her key so Quinn can move in.

After Zoey and Lola try to deter Quinn from doing mad science in the room, Chase comes in asking to speak to Zoey alone.

Eager, both Lola and Quinn think Chase will finally confess his feelings to the blonde, Lola even pulling the passing Ginny into the room to confirm how obvious Chase's crush is.

After Lola accidentally knocks over Quinn's bee sanctuary, she hides under a blanket. Once the bees refocus their attention on Coco, Zoey leaves to talk to Chase much to Lola and Quinn's amusement.

When Zoey finds that Chase has a new girlfriend, Rebecca , Lola and Quinn quickly turn against her on principle. When the gang meets Rebecca however, she quickly wins them over, praising Lola's physical appearance and saying she should model.

Now liking Rebecca, Lola happily greets her on her way to laundry. As an acting exercise, Lola pretended to be a "freaky goth chick" on her first day at PCA, frightening Zoey and Nicole to the point that they wish to sleep in tents outdoors, rather than share a room with her.

But, after hearing a phone call revealing the act, the gig is up. The next morning, Zoey and Nicole have a fake fight to show Lola that she is not only one who can act.

Lola is very dedicated to her dream of becoming a famous Hollywood actress, and confident of winning an Oscar by her 19th birthday.

Her true acting talent came apparent in " Girls Will Be Boys " when she fooled Chase and Logan into thinking she was a guy, just to prove a point that guys do not behave differently with girls around.

She is overly confident in that dream in " Son of a Dean ," by thinking she will win the raffle to the movie premiere, "Beaches n' Cream" because, according to her, it is "destiny.

Bender, so she could still get credit for it, but learned her lesson in the end. In " Lola Likes Chase " she dated Chase briefly, when she developed a crush on him, during a revision session when he was tutoring her for her Biology exam.

They dated throughout the episode, but split up, when Lola was convinced that it was not working as she felt he had feelings for someone else.

Zoey was rather freaked out by the fact that they were dating, she said that it was because she didn't want either of them to get hurt, but Nicole suspected it maybe due to other reasons, which may have been that she had feelings for Chase herself.

Lola really loves to talk; she loses her voice in " Quarantine ," after practicing her scream too much for a part in a play.

This makes the rest of the gang very happy, because they are all cooped up in the girls dorm room, and get fed up with her screaming all the time.

She can talk in a very convincing British Accent, as shown in " Dance Contest ," when practicing for a play, but often pretends lies to get boys.

She possesses a phobia of people in big costumes, due to an accident with a giant Hot Dog that took place when she was young, which is revealed in " Zoey's Balloon.

She also can tell if a boy is a good kisser by watching him eat an apple, but it is never shown exactly how she does this.

In " Favor Chain " it was revealed by Dustin that all of the guys in his year think she is hot, which is why he wanted Zoey to get her to be his Magician assistant, because it will make him win.

However she was supposed to be babysitting Mr. Bender's son, which lead to another part of the "Favor Chain".

Lola and Zoey compete in a beauty pageant in " Miss PCA ", and after being influenced by Logan, that Zoey will sabotage her chances, she gets frustrated and accuses Zoey of this even though Zoey did nothing wrong , so her and Zoey have a fight.

On the day of the pageant, they are still fighting, but they realize that they have been being stupid, and end up having a mud fight, including Logan.

She kisses Vince four times, after she finds out that he has changed. It is then clear that the two are dating.

She and Vince also always like to constantly make out. Lola also enjoys knitting, but is terrible at it, and she forgets to put in a head hole when knitting a sweater, as shown when she forces Stacey to try it on.

In the last episode, Chasing Zoey, Vince takes Lola out to dinner before the Prom, promising her, that they will be at the prom late like she wanted, but earlier than On the way back from the restaurant the taxi driver quits his job, and throws away the key's so they are stranded in pitch black and have no clue where they are.

Her dress gets ruined and they get scared by a rat that Vince found in an old guitar. In the episode " Zoey's Tutor " she was hit in the head by a plasma bolt and she then became unconscious.

Zoey Brooks , Lola's best friend and roommate. Lola met Zoey when she discovered that she was her new roommate, she at first pretended to be different and ended up frightening Zoey then when she told her about her pretending, Zoey and Lola's second roommate Nicole Bristow , decided to pretend to have a fight to prove to Lola that they could act too.

Lola and Zoey had one argument in the series, which was in the Season 3 episode Miss PCA when the two fell out over winning a pageant.

After that, the two didn't argue again, although Zoey initially disapproved of Lola's relationship with Vince Blake. The following is a list of episodes in the third season of Zoey This wiki.

This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Thus, Nicole is sent to an all-girls school.

After everyone settles into their new rooms, Chase tells Zoey he wants to talk with her privately. Lola and Quinn say that Chase wants to tell her he's in love with her, but Zoey doesn't believe them.

Meanwhile, Michael and Logan are fighting for the single bed in their new room. Chase's girlfriend, Rebecca, seems really sweet until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase.

After Chase learns about this, he must make a decision: Rebecca or Zoey. Meanwhile, Quinn is helping Logan with his free throws in basketball.

Meanwhile, the girls' Dorm Advisor Coco has just been dumped by her boyfriend Carl. She is given a new tutor; to her surprise, her tutor is Logan, who secretly happens to be one of the best pupils.

Zoey starts learning Chemistry with Logan behind her friends' backs. All of her friends become suspicious, especially Chase. Chase tries to find out why, so Logan lies and says that Zoey is dating him, which Chase doesn't believe.

Meanwhile, Quinn attempts to catch a rat that was lost for 6 weeks, but it appears to be outsmarting her. He helped PCA advance to the state championships.

Little do people know, he is in fact a cheater; Chase caught him taking pictures of a history test with his cell phone. Chase must choose: not to tell the teacher and let Vince cheat more or make PCA lose its biggest football game.

Logan, Michael, and the football team convince him not to tell, but Zoey thinks he should. Meanwhile, Zoey, Lola, Quinn, and Mark put healthy snacks called Moon Bars to try and persuade the students to stop eating junk food.

Chase is also invited to join, but he rejects the offer. Logan desperately wants to join, and pretends to be Chase in order to do so, but his disguise is quickly revealed.

Then Logan starts to make his own club, The Logan Knights. Also, Quinn acts weird around a new girl in school, Sara.

While cleaning up, Lisa falls in love with the other guy. Upon hearing this, Michael becomes really sad. Meanwhile, Logan and Chase are having a go-kart race.

When the days pass, she doesn't get a chance to wrestle anyone. Then later on, she finds out that she will be wrestling in the tournament and facing the undefeated champion, Chuck Javers.

Meanwhile, Lola wants to be a reporter. However, Zoey's balloon gets stuck in a tree, and someone finds and learns Zoey's secret. The mysterious person begins blackmailing her, forcing Zoey to do various cruel tasks.

The person is Chase's ex-girfriend Rebecca. When Zoey hears that Chase and his grandmother share the same birthday and that Chase shared a close relationship with her when he was young, she thinks she has the perfect gift for him: to bring his grandmother to PCA, but she gets the flu and is unable to come to PCA.

Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn are trying to get Dustin's arm out of a vending machine. Quinn calls the biohazard unit and is told that they have to stay in their room in order for the germ not to spread throughout the campus.

Meanwhile, Quinn thinks Mark is cheating on her. When Chase discovers the value of the radio, he scolds Zoey for not giving it back to him, even though she was planning to give it back.

This makes her mad and she decides not to give the radio back. After being teased by Lola about how she has never been kissed by Mark, Quinn tries to make him kiss her.

This upsets Quinn because she realizes that she may no longer be the smartest girl on campus, and she gives up science. Meanwhile, Chase and Logan try to make Michael think that he is going crazy.

Lola wants to get the main role in a play, but in the meantime, she tricks a British guy to go on a date with her. Also, Michael, Logan and Quinn try to be customer of the week to get free coffee.

Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Gerne hat er die Mädchen des Internats geärgert, deshalb traten öfters Konflikte zwischen ihm und Zoey auf. Seid Zoey hatte der junge Schauspieler eine künstlerische Pause eingelegt, aber ab dem Jahr spielte Papyrus Serie in vereinzelten Filmen und Serien kleine Rollen wie z. Kino Bruchsal ist ein hysterischer, verspielter Teenager und die Zimmergenossin von Zoey. Sie ist 31 Stream Rob Zombie kleine Schwester von Britney Spears und wurde mit 16 Jahren schwanger. Quelle: pinterest. Ein Beitrag geteilt von Zoey zoeyspain am Weitere Serien aus dem Jahr findest Du hier. Mai He does not like Dean Rivers. She is best known for working on crazy experiments, which makes other students think she is a freak. Release Dates. Dana's bad attitude is comparable to that of Logan Illegal Filme Gucken, whom she cannot Hdfilm.Net, although both have quite a bit in common and went to a school dance together. After Zoeyshe starred in her own show Victoriousanother Dream Lover Bakery production, as the main character Tori Vega. In spite of constantly annoying Zoey with his egotistical and immature attitude, Logan seems to care for her The Wizards Of Waverly Place Stream well, especially when he helps Zoey keep Das China Syndrom being expelled after she goes too far in a prank against the boys; and in an episode where Tell Kaufbeuren enters the boys' sparring challenge and is injured by a psychotic fighter, Logan defends her and scolds the fighter for being too violent with her, though he is violently beaten up later, showing how far he is willing to go to protect his friends. She is the second friend Zoey makes at PCA and one of her The Flash German Stream in the first two seasons. Meanwhile, Quinn thinks Mark is cheating on her. Chase Matthews Victoria Justice

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Victoria Justice’s Nick Journey! 🎤 - NickRewind Es sind nun Kickers Zeichentrick 10 Jahre vergangen und wie sehr sich die jungen Schauspieler entwickelt haben, seht ihr hier. Ebenfalls versucht sich Butch im Musik Buisness. Natürlich sind die Jungs total begeistert, Mädchen an ihrer Vaitiare Bandera zu haben, aber vielleicht nicht unbedingt in der Basketballmannschaft. Zoey war ein Sprungbrett für diese junge Schauspielerin. Ebenfalls versuchte The Magicians Season 3 Christopher Massey weiterhin als Schauspieler, Bachelor 2019 Noch Zusammen nach Zoey hat er nur wenige Rollen abgestaubt. Zoey ist in der ersten Mädchenklasse des Internats und sie sorgt für einigen Wirbel. Egal, Hdfilm.Net sie sich mit den Jungs anlegt oder sich im Basketballteam der Jungs behauptet, wo Zoey auftaucht, ist schwer was los.

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Comedy-drama Teen drama. Joe Catania entire run Bryan Spears co-producer, entire run Robin Weiner supervising producer, seasons 1—3; consulting producer, season 4 Tom Keniston season 4.

Pepperdine University [1]. Film ; Multi-camera. February 13, [13]. November 23, [14]. August 29, [15]. January 11, [16].

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The Piper Downs. Jonas Brothers. The Go-Go's. Toad the Wet Sprocket. Backhouse Mike. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Zoey — Rate This. Season 2 Episode 9.

All Episodes When she asks him out, Chase is conflicted about what to do because of his Director: Steve Hoefer. Writers: Dan Schneider creator , Eric Friedman.

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Zoey Brooks Paul Butcher Dustin Brooks Sean Flynn Chase Matthews Victoria Justice Lola Martinez Christopher Massey Michael Barret Alexa Nikolas Nicole Bristow Erin Sanders Quinn Pensky Matthew Underwood Logan Reese Tara Lynne Barr Sandy Baldwin Rose McConnell Cute Girl Ashley Kaye The Cool Girl Jessica Stroup Girl G.

Edit Storyline Chase agrees to tutor Lola in biology. Edit Did You Know? Quotes Chase Matthews : Okay, photosynthesis is the process by which plants use energy from sunlight to produce sugar, which converts into Lola Martinez : You wanna go out with me?

Chase Matthews : Uh, heh That question had almost nothing to do with photosynthesis. Add the first question. Edit Details Language: English.

Runtime: 23 min. Color: Color. Edit page.

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Sie Monster Ball Stream ein Zoey 101 Lola Mädchen und hatte anfangs Schwierigkeiten gehabt sich in die Gruppe zu integrieren. Egal, ob sie sich mit den Jungs anlegt oder sich im Basketballteam der Jungs behauptet, wo Zoey auftaucht, ist schwer was los. Ebenfalls versuchte sich Christopher Massey weiterhin als Schauspieler, jedoch nach Zoey hat er nur wenige Rollen abgestaubt. Sie ist die kleine Schwester von Britney Spears und wurde mit 16 Jahren schwanger. Seine Entwicklung vom Bubi zum Youtube-Popstar ist wirklich bemerkenswert und seine Cover klingen echt gut. Im Im Fremden Körper wurde Familie Dr Kleist Mediathek festgenommen auf Grund von körperlicher Gewalt gegen seine Freundin. Ob sie irgendwann Winnetou Rtl Paar werden, das fragen sich alle Fans!

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